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Current Projects

ELEWI - Productivity in the life sciences

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Chair of Agricultural Production and Resource Economics and the HIS Institute for Higher Education Development (http://his-he.de) engage in quantitative science studies. The aim of the project ELEWI is to create a comprehensive analysis of the productivity in the German life sciences.


Current publications

Deregulation and Productivity: Empirical Evidence on Dairy Production

Frick, F. and J. Sauer (2017), American Journal of Agricultural Economics

We investigate productivity development and its relation to resource reallocation effects in the dairy sector in southeast Germany during the phasing-out of the European Union milk quota. We hypothesize that both extreme output price levels and market deregulation fostered efficient reallocation of production resources. We use a farm-level dataset containing financial accounting data for a period of 15 years. Farm-level productivity is estimated by a proxy variable approach that is robust to endogenous input choice. We compare this approach to other estimation techniques as well as an index-based analysis.  ...more