Maria Vrachioli and Christian Stetter present research results at the annual conference of the Agricultural Economics Society (29/3-30/3)

For the 94th time and for the first time online, the Agricultural Economics Society (AES) met for the annual conference on March 29th and 30th. Researchers from the fields of agricultural, environmental and resource economics discussed the latest research results, methodological innovations as well as agricultural and environmental policy decisions. The Chair Group of Production and Resource Economics was represented at the conference by Maria Vrachioli and Christian Stetter. Christian Stetter presented the results of his research entitled "Exploring the heterogeneous effects of weather on productivity using causal forests", Maria Vrachioli gave a presentation at the invitation of the AES in the symposium "Non-conventional inputs in Total Factor Productivity analysis" on the topic "Incorporating Water in Agricultural Total Factor Productivity: Data Sources and Empirical Considerations".