Professor Sauer keynote speaker at the Turkish-German Dialogue on Agricultural and Food Ethics (17/6)

At the invitation of the Agricultural and Food Ethics Association of Turkey (TARGET), Professor Sauer gave a presentation on "German Agriculture and Climate Change" at the TARGET spring seminar on June 17th. TARGET is dedicated to questions about the social responsibility of the food sector and organizes information events and discussion rounds at regular intervals, in which representatives from science and politics present current challenges in agriculture to a broad audience.

This year's spring seminar, organized by TARGET and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, took place virtually. It was divided into the thematic blocks "COVID-19 Pandemic and Agriculture" and "Climate Change and Agriculture". In addition to Professor Sauer, Professor Achim Spiller (University of Göttingen), Professor Bülent Gülcubuk (University of Ankara) and Professor Ilkay Dellal (University of Ankara) each gave a presentation on one of the two topics. An introductory speech was held by the agricultural policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Mr. Rainer Spiering.